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Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying: "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?

And I said, "Here I am. Send me."




Our church Council is made up of Pastoral Shepherds (Elders) and Service Shepherds (Deacons). They are called to promote the health of Bridge of Hope’s body and ministry by engaging in discussion and discernment, while prayerfully deciding all matters involved in leading so that the mission and vision of the church move forward. They are called to encourage spiritual maturity, monitor the financial health and stewardship of the church, and serve as liaisons to teams, assuring that the team’s strategies clearly support our church’s vision.                 



Pastoral Shepherds (Elders)

Pastoral Shepherds’ work focuses on the spiritual health and care of God’s people, equipping believers to grow in a living faith by ensuring sound, Biblical teaching, personal and corporate discipleship, and pastoral care.


Sam & Gail Ashmore – Co-Pastors

Glen Boer – Chair of Council (2022-2025)

Mark Buss – Vice-Chair of Pastoral Shepherds (2021-2024)

Robb De Haan (2023-2026)

Tim Foreman (2023-2026)

Dave Mulder – Chair of Pastoral Shepherds (2022-2025)


*Clerk of Council



Service Shepherds (Deacons)

 Service Shepherds’ goal is to create a local church community that models God’s care for the church and community by being Christ’s hands and feet in all their work. Their primary focus is addressing the physical needs of the church and its people and promoting financial stewardship within the church.


Klay Byker – Building & School Liaison (2023-2026)

Tina Folkerts – Secretary of Service Shepherds (2021-2024)

Mark Oostra – Chair of Service Shepherds; Vice-Chair of Council (2022-2025)

Marcus Van Zee (2023-2026)

Andrea Westerbeek – Treasurer (2022-2025)


*Clerk of Council: Ruth Ruter, Church Administrator / Ministry Coordinator



Bridge Connection Groups

The body is divided alphabetically (by last names) into groups with an assigned Pastoral & Service Shepherd to offer care and support. The groups are as follows:


A-B: Robb De Haan and Klay Byker

C-G: Dave Mulder and Andrea Westerbeek

H-M: Glen Boer and Mark Oostra

N-T: Tim Foreman and Marcus Van Zee

U-Z: Mark Buss and Tina Folkerts




Pastoral Shepherds:                           

Service Shepherds:

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