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Please enjoy listening to a few of our latest messages. 

Sermon outlines and/or 3 day devotions corresponding with the message are posted if available.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to various circumstances there are times messages are not recorded/posted.

If you wish to listen to previous messages no longer posted here, please contact the church office.

230101_Matt2.13-15_InPraiseOfPlanBDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 22:18
221218_Is35_HighwayOfHopeRev Scott VanVoorst
00:00 / 14:58
Sermon Series: The Book of Titus
(one message will be given each month this fall)

In this cultural moment, the world needs beauty. There is much hate, division, and death that fill our feeds, screens, and thoughts. The Church can fill this gap with beauty! The task of the Church is to be an agent of transformation and make Jesus and His kingdom compellingly beautiful in the public square. Devotion to Jesus and  the common good will show the beauty of our message about the generous grace of God to all people. According to Paul, in the book of Titus, this task is done through wise participation in culture rather than assimilating to it or waging war against it. In this series, we will unpack Paul’s paradigm of what beautiful resistance and participation in culture looks like and how we can make Jesus and His kingdom and His way compellingly beautiful in a world that desperately needs it. 

221204_Titus 3.1-11_Peaceful ParticipationSam Ashmore
00:00 / 33:44
221113_Titus 2.1-15_God's Generous Grace (is more beautiful than) Our Corrupt LifeSam Ashmore
00:00 / 32:41
221016_Titus 1.5-16_Internal Confrontation is more beautiful than External JudgmentSam Ashmore
00:00 / 41:30
220918_Titus 1.1-4_Truth is more beautiful than liesSam Ashmore
00:00 / 43:21
221120_Num 15.37-41_Remember Your CallingDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 26:04
Sermon Series: The Prayer Life of Jesus

One of the most effective ways to learn is to study and apply best practices! Over four, non consecutive Sundays, we’ll explore the prayer life of Jesus from his intentional intimacy with the Father, into his own unanswered prayers, to his present-day unceasing intercession for the purpose of applying his example to our own.

221106_Heb 7.23-28_The Unceasing Prayer Life of JesusDr Angela Perigo
00:00 / 30:26
221030_Matt26.36-46_The Unanswered Prayer Life of JesusDr Angela Perigo
00:00 / 30:17
221023_Lk 6.12-16_The Intentional Prayer Life of JesusDr Angela Perigo
00:00 / 38:31
221009_John 17.20-26_The Intimate Prayer Life of JesusDr Angela Perigo
00:00 / 26:54
Sermon Series: Love Up Close

Hospitality is love up close. It can be easy to love at a distance, reaching out to others with tidy little events at church or ministry site. That’s fine, but it’s not hospitality. By contrast, hospitality engages, involves, and connects our neighbors. The reality of others’ lives overlaps with the reality of our lives. Accordingly, hospitality can be really messy. Yet when we risk having our messy lives intersect, God works in powerful ways.

220904_Matt 9.9-13_From Consoling to ConnectingDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 37:27
BOH 8-28-22_1Dr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 26:22
220821__Matt 9.9-13_From Enduring to EngagingDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 29:06
220814_Heb 13.1-3,16_Reimagining HospitalityDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 25:44
Sermon Series: "Superpastor"

Having the right minister can supercharge a church’s ministry.  That’s why it’s so tempting to go looking for a Superpastor, someone who will make everything right. Too many churches have found out the hard way, however, that having a Superpastor comes with devastating costs. In this series we’ll look to the Bible to shape our expectations about pastors, and what sort of “superpowers” to look for. 

220626_Is30.9-11&Acts11.19-30_Superpower of EncouragementDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 43:48
220619_2Chr 25.1-2; Jn 21.1-19_Superpower of DevotionDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 37:53
220612_I Sam 8.4-7; I Pet 5.1-7_Superpastor.The Power of HumilityDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 42:39
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