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Sermon Series: "Where Are You?"
Finding Ourselves and Being Found

We have questions for God, but God has questions for us, too. This sermon series focuses on some of the notable questions we find throughout the Bible. Each question captures one of the powerful miseries and moods that we experience in a fallen world. In this series, we will seek to find ourselves in each question, and to open ourselves up to being found by the God who breaks in with transformative grace.

2021-11-14_James 3.13-4.10_Who is Wise & Understanding Among YouDr Justin Bailey
00:00 / 31:02
2021-11-07_Eph 4.17-5.2Dr Justin Bailey
00:00 / 29:56
2021-10-24_Prov 1.20-22; 9.1-6&13-18Dr Justin Bailey
00:00 / 33:29
2021-10-17_Prov 6_Sloth. How long will you sleep, O sluggardDr Justin Bailey
00:00 / 35:27
2021-10-03_Eccl 11 & 12_Ignorance.What do you knowDr Justin Bailey
00:00 / 29:24
2021-09-26_Eccl 1_Emptiness.What do people gain from all their laborDr Justin Bailey
00:00 / 31:16
2021-09-05_Genesis 3_Disconnection. Where are youDr Justin Bailey
00:00 / 30:37
Lagging Behind or Getting Ahead of God
2021-08-15_Num 14.39-45_Getting ahead of GodDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 29:41
2021-08-08__Num14.1-38_Lagging behind GodDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 30:30
The Wisdom of Vision
2021-07-25_Proverbs_The Wisdom of Vision Part 2Dr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 25:59
2021-07-18_Proverbs_The Wisdom of Vision Part 1Dr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 29:53
Sermon Series: "Good Courage"
2021-06-27_Num13.16-33_Envisioning VictoryDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 31:12
2021-06-20_Num13.16-33_Envisioning LeadersDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 30:56
2021-06-13_Num13.16-33_Envisioning AbundanceDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 32:08
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Track Name2021-10-31 Service available on Facebook
00:00 / 01:04
2021-09-12_Esther 4_When God Seems SilentDr Angela Perigo
00:00 / 33:30
Sermon Series: "Hospitality"
2021-03-21_John 12.17-26_The Price of a Dr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 29:01
2021-03-14_Luke 10.25-37_The Life You SaJustin Bailey
00:00 / 30:34
2021-03-07_Matt 14.22-33_Failing ForwardJustin Bailey
00:00 / 32:23
Sermon Series: A Church Where You Belong

Why bother with being a church member?  Because it's where you belong.  It's important to find a congregation where you can draw close to God, fellowship with others, and be a part of hopeful ministry. 

2021-10-10_Acts2.42-47_Belong. A Church that Practices HospitalityDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 22:36
2021-09-19_Acts 2.42-47_A Church that Encounters God TogetherDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 29:21
2021-08-29_Eph 2.19-22_A Church Where You BelongDr Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 36:51
A Service of Healing
Track Name2021-02-28 Available on FACEBOOK
00:00 / 01:04
Sermon Series: "Home by Another Way"
2021-01-24_Matt 2.1-12_Home By Another WDr. Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 29:21
2021-01-17_Matt 2.1-16_Home By Another WDr. Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 27:07
2021-01-10_Matt 2.1-12_Home By Another WDr. Nathan Hitchcock
00:00 / 35:02