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Please enjoy listening to a few of our latest messages. 

Sermon outlines and/or 3 day devotions corresponding with the message are posted if available.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to various circumstances there are times messages are not recorded/posted.

If you wish to listen to previous messages no longer posted here, please contact the church office.

231126_Lk2.25-33_Seeking the King-the Gift of AdventDave Mulder
00:00 / 31:00
Sermon Series: Armor of God

As followers of Jesus, our posture reflects where and with whom we have placed our confidence. All throughout the New Testament, we are given the command to stand firm in his mighty power, teaching us that there is an invisible war raging around us. This unseen and unheard war is a part of our everyday world. Ephesians 6:10-21 demonstrates the reality of our enemy and his plans to target our minds, our hearts, our marriages, our relationships, our resilience, and ultimately our hope. Because of this reality, we cannot stand unguarded. Paul’s urgency to stand firm is birthed from the reality of Christ’s victory and power. In this four-part series, we will name the battle we're in, identify where we have placed our confidence outside of Christ, and explore the full armor that is available to us in Christ.

231122_Ephesians 6:17-18_Helmet of Salvation & Sword of the Spirit_Pastors Sam & Gail Ashmore

(no audio recording; message can be heard via Facebook)

231119_Eph6.15&16_Armor of GodPastor Gail Ashmore
00:00 / 36:01
231112_Eph6.14_Armor of GodPastor Gail Ashmore
00:00 / 34:16
231105_Eph6.10-13_Armor of GodPastor Sam Ashmore
00:00 / 33:43
Sermon Series: Fall Vision Series

Vision 2025 is a compelling picture for the type of church that Bridge of Hope aims to become. This vision was captured through listening to God and the congregation, and over three Sundays we walk through each part of the vision in order to become a church that is growing followers of Jesus, bringing order to chaos, and practicing joyful hospitality.

231022_Ex23.9,Rom5.8,Heb13.2_HospitalityPastor Gail Ashmore
00:00 / 30:27
231015_Gen 1&2_Joyful Order and AccountabilityPastor Sam Ashmore
00:00 / 31:27
231008_Jn15.1-17_Growing Followers of JesusPastor Sam Ashmore
00:00 / 38:49
Sermon Series: Life Without Lack

In this series, we are invited to know Jesus as shepherd through the words of Psalm 23. Under the leadership of the shepherd, we experience his abundance, his tender care, his protection, and his transforming love. This time of year comes with transition, change, and new territory. This Psalm is a blueprint for us to trust His leadership and know the abundant life that He brings. He is shepherding us out of the false places of security and into our ultimate home, His presence.

230924_Ps23.5-6_A seat at the TablePastor Gail Ashmore
00:00 / 31:29

230917_Ps 23:4_Life Without Lack_Pastor Gail Ashmore

(message not recorded)

230910_Ps23.3_Life Without LackPastor Sam Ashmore
00:00 / 39:09

230903_Ps 23.2_Life Without Lack_Pastor Gail Ashmore

(message not recorded)

230827_Ps 23.1_Life Without LackPastor Sam Ashmore
00:00 / 31:59
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