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Please enjoy listening to a few of our latest messages. 

Sermon outlines and/or 3 day devotions corresponding with the message are posted if available.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to various circumstances there are times messages are not recorded/posted.

If you wish to listen to previous messages no longer posted here, please contact the church office.

Sermon Series: Practicing the Way

What does it mean to follow Jesus? In the series, we'll unpack the difference between being a Christian and a disciple.

240512_IJn2.5-6+Lk4.1-14_Do What Jesus Did (Go & Serve)Sam Ashmore
00:00 / 38:20
240428_Matt11.28-30_Become Like JesusGail Ashmore
00:00 / 30:58

240421 no audio recording of message

240414_Mk1.14-15_What is the GospelSam Ashmore
00:00 / 33:07
240407_Come, Follow Me_Mark1.16-20Sam Ashmore
00:00 / 35:00
240331_Jn20.11-18_Jesus appears to Mary MagdaleneGail Ashmore
00:00 / 27:45
Sermon Series in the season of Lent: Repentance

The season of Lent  in the church calendar is marked by a time of repentance: a Spirit empowered change in direction. Repentance is the fruit of our salvation and our response to the good news of Jesus.

240328_Godly SorrowSam Ashmore
00:00 / 32:15
240317_Gen37-50_Hidden SinSam Ashmore
00:00 / 42:36
240310_Jn4.1-42_UnionGail Ashmore
00:00 / 34:18
240303_Lk7.36-50_EmptinessGail Ashmore
00:00 / 33:19
240225_Lk15.11-32+Acts2.37_FullnessGail Ashmore
00:00 / 27:21
Sermon Series: Feasts and Gallows

Esther is a story full of parties, executions, humor, odd coincidences, surprising twists, and ultimately deliverance, yet the story lacks even one mention of God. He’s not in the story. Or is He? The absence of God in Esther invites us to look for God’s activity throughout the book, and there are signs of it everywhere. Just as there are signs everywhere of God’s activity and deliverance in your life even when He seems most absent. Join us as we start off the year becoming more aware of God’s activity and deliverance in our lives through the book of Esther.

240218_Esther 9.20-10.3_Sorrow to Joy_KDielemanKyle Dieleman
00:00 / 25:52
240211_Esther 8-9.19_At the EdgeGail Ashmore
00:00 / 31:37
240204_Esther7_ReversalSam Ashmore
00:00 / 38:19
240128_Esther5-6.14_The Power of ClaimingGail Ashmore
00:00 / 25:15
240121_Esther3-4.17Sam Ashmore
00:00 / 40:14

240114 --Worship cancelled due to inclement weather.

240107_Esther 1-2.23_Two WorldsSam Ashmore
00:00 / 39:36
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